Buffalo Rochester New York Uplighting Rental


Go from ordinary to extraordinary with our battery operated uplights!

01 - Luxury Uplighting Rental


Uplighting makes your room pop. It adds a splash of color throughout the room and adds elegance. It is the cheapest thing you can do to your room that makes the biggest impact. Think about it … the uplighting will be in every photo that is taken and will set the mood. We have the ability to also have these uplights go to the beat of the music during dancing. The best part about our uplights is that they are all battery operated. There is no need for cables running all around the walls for us!


From animated to subtle monograms we can do it. We can put the monogram on the ground or on the wall like you see next to this. This photo is taken in the Terrace Room at the Statler. A monogram definitely makes a statement and offers for a great centerpiece around the dance floor.

02 - Custom Monogram - Statler City Buffalo NY
03 - Unique Underlighting


Underlighting is just like uplighting but we light underneath tables, cocktail tables or anything you want. Take a look at the photo and see how different the table linen looks with just a few lights. They are all battery operated and do not get in the way.

TV Rentals

Need to play a slideshow on a 50 inch tv? This is your elegant solution. The stand goes up to 10 feet high and is lit any color underneath so you don’t see any stand. It is a clean look and offers many functions.

04 - TV and Display Rentals