Wedding Seating Chart

Spice Up Your Seating Chart

No, this title doesn’t mean pitting your two bickering relatives at the same table for your wedding. Instead, why not take your traditional numbered tables and have some fun with it? Lately, we’ve seen some pretty great examples of this and we figured we would share. The first idea is one of the most popular […]
Bride and groom wearing flippers, running into ocean

Wedding Spending Deals!

  When searching the internet for some inspiration for the latest blog post, I came across a really great idea for wedding planning bonus, so naturally I had to share! The honeymoon is an exciting, yet costly (isn’t everything costly?) reward for your post wedding celebration. If you’re anything like me, you hate putting every […]
Hashtag Your Wedding!

Hashtag Your Wedding!

Hashtag Your Wedding! With Instagram rising as one of the most popular social media platforms these days, many couples have been incorporating it into their wedding days. We all know wedding day photos are going to end up on social media, but why not find a way to be able to see them all. This […]