Wedding Seating Chart

Spice Up Your Seating Chart

No, this title doesn’t mean pitting your two bickering relatives at the same table for your wedding. Instead, why not take your traditional numbered tables and have some fun with it? Lately, we’ve seen some pretty great examples of this and we figured we would share. The first idea is one of the most popular […]

Show This to the Best Man!

Did this get your attention? Here are the 10 Worst Toasts 1. “At a friend’s wedding a few years ago, the best man made it apparent that he wasn’t such a fan of the bride. The speech went something like this: ‘(Groom’s name), man I love ya, you know I do. I hope you thought […]

Who to Tip at Your Wedding

When you’re already dipping deep into your (or your parents’) savings for so many wedding expenses, shelling out gratuities on top of that can be hard to handle. Well, rest easy: unless a service charge is spelled out in your contract, you’re never obligated to tip anyone. However you can’t ignore the fact that some […]