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Rent with confidence! Over 1,000 companies around the United States use our photo booths manufactured here in Buffalo, NY!

Photo Booth for Rent Buffalo NY

Did You Know:

We don’t just rent photo booths but we also sell them nationwide. Why does this matter? Wouldn’t you like to rent a booth at a reasonable cost from a company that has over 1,000 photo booths stationed all around the world!

We have been in the photo booth business longer than any other company in Buffalo and we mean business. The sky is the limit with what we can do for your event. We literally can do anything! I mean we even make and sell our own props.

What comes with our rentals

All of our booths include an on-site attendant, props, custom layouts (choose from hundreds or create your own), scrapbook/materials, unlimited 2×6 prints, USB of every photo and the capability to email each photo. We include everything! There are no hidden fees.

GIF & Boomerang GIF Photo Booths

We now offer GIF’s and Boomerang GIF’s with our rentals… create a slow motion effect and have it loop forward to backwards. It will be the hit of your next event! We will even provide the bubbles and confetti if you want. 

Brand New Mirror Photo Booth at a Wedding
Brand New Mirror Photo Booth

Brand New – Mirror Booth

The mirror booth is the latest trend. This booth is literally a pure white leather wrapped booth with a 40 inch touch screen that stands 5 feet tall and is a full length mirror. This takes selfies to a whole new level! 

Looking for more?

We offer green screen as well. This will not take up any more space and we can put anything behind you … take a look at the photo … are you hungry yet or afraid that pizza is going to fall on your head?

03 - Green Screen Photo Booth Options
04 - GIF Booths - Photo Frame - Social Media Kiosks, Step and Repeat

What else do you offer for photo booths?

We offer gif booths, photo booth frames, social media kiosks, custom step and repeat backdrops, fully custom wrapped photo booths and more … We can do whatever you can think up!